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Iyshaa Wilks is a mother of two, a college graduate with a degree in Business Administration, a social activist for those who are less fortunate and misguided, and now author of Whatever It Takes.  She strives to embody greatness by finding ways to break toxic generational cycles, and not only inspire women and young girls, but everyone who desires to be prosperous in life.  Her journey through many ups and downs has made her resilient and strong-willed with the ability to transcend any difficult situation.

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Whatever it Takes

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In Whatever It Takes, author Iyshaa Wilks takes us on a journey.  Her story begins as she is living through a poor, unstable, and dysfunctional childhood, enduring mental and emotional trauma.  The detrimental generational cycles seem sure to consume her when she becomes a teenage mother.  Will she see the beauty in the struggle and fight for a better future?  This emotional roller coaster of highs and lows will leave you enlightened, inspired, and ready to do Whatever It Takes, to defy the odds!

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